I am trying to get things caught up and paid off

I am new here and my name is Michelle and I have 3 great kids 2 DD’s 19 and 15 and a DS 12. I am engaged to a wonderful man. We both work full time and are trying real hard to save money and using a budget.

I saw your blog and thought this is for me.

I am trying to get things caught up and paid off and it is not working well , I was taking care of my Mom and she has Alzheimer’s and Dementia and what her insurance did to pay I was paying for and she is also Diabetic so her food was a bit more and a lot of the No Name Brands I can get away with for me and my family did not cut it for her. She is now in the process of being placed in a Home for people with Alzheimer. It is what the specialize in and a very nice place for her.

Hopefully I can get back to the Budget I was on before she moved in and get things caught up and paid off.

I have some things I have learned on the way and I am going to love sharing and learning

Thank you for having me

Have an Awesome week.