Just read your post about retaining the attorney

Just read your post about retaining the attorney and settling for approx 35 cents on the dollar. That is the most incredible advice! I wish I had seen that post back in ’15.

I believe you really hit the nail on the head!

Back in ’15 we were 31 k in cc and medical etc debt. We joined debt settlers and were assured it would all be paid off in three years. We basically ignored the fine print cuz we didn’t want to tackle the problem ourselves and thought they were the experts. There was approx 1-k on board fee and approx 40 per mo for maintenance fees.

They deducted 600 per mo from our checking and all was good till my 47 year old husband had 2 terrible strokes and open heart surgery and one of the cc card cos sued us. The phone rang nonstop and they even delivered the mail by hand – vans pulling in the drive ad nauseum.

Debt settlers said I was on my own to go to court with Capitol One and to send them (Capitol One) more money. I fired debt settlers and they were gracious enough to contact the 4-5 different cc cos and tell them about DH disability. Without exception I have been able to cut deals with all of them over the phone and now keeping detailed fax records. Went thru the Ramsey FPU program and all is good! Sill owe 16.5k but will have that paid off by early summer.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of the attorney. If I had to do it over again that’s what I would do!

This is one of the best and most savy Yahoo groups on the net. It was thanx to you I found Ramsey.Best to all.